High School District 212

This photograph shows Leyden Community High School as it was originally built. A few additions, over the years, have altered the face of the school from the way it is shown here.

The first high school in Franklin Park opened in 1911. It was located within the old Brick School, and began with 9th grade classes only. In 1913, sophomore and junior levels were added. Students who wished to complete their senior year were required to attend school in Chicago or a nearby township. Free transportation was provided by the Soo Line Railroad.

As enrollment increased, classes were held in churches and in portable classrooms. A petition to build a four-year township high school was unsuccessful. After three referendums, residents voted to have a four-year high school built in Franklin Park. District 212 was organized in 1924. Ground breaking was begun in 1926 and by February 1927 the school opened. By 1930, District 212 had 246 students and 13 teachers. Twenty years later, enrollment reached 1100 students, with 65 teachers.

Due to increasing enrollment, West Leyden High School was built in Northlake, IL. It was under construction from 1957-1959. The first graduating class from West Leyden was in 1963.

In 1933, 1940, 1945 and 1947 additions were added. In 1959, West Leyden High School was built in Northlake. The original building became known as East Leyden High School. By 1959, the combined schools’ enrollment reached 3000 students, with 178 teachers.

The graduating class of Leyden Community High School for the year 1929. The first graduating class began their high school instruction at the Brick School in 1913.
Leyden Community High School has always had a reputation for having an excellent athletic department. In this photograph of the basketball team (school year 1928-1929), note the trophies at the feet of the men.
Recognize any faces? This is an early class from Leyden Community High School. The students’ dress varied a little from the wardrobe current Leydenites wear.
This is actually the rear side of the East Leyden High School, but it shows the addition of a second story to the school building and the new men’s gymnasium.
The Music Room at Leyden Community High School, which was completed in 1933. (The school was completed and occupied in 1927). This building was razed in 1954, and the room has been replaced by a new music room.