Penworthy STEAM to Go! All About Dinosaurs Kit

Enjoy imaginative play with dinosaur figures and reusable sticker scenes. Dinosaur Escape allows kids to work together, use their memory, and incorporate simple strategy to rescue the dinos from volcanic eruption.

Penworthy STEAM to Go! Machines and Contraptions

Science focused STEAM kit is packed full of amazing science facts and experiments that kids will love to discover and share.

Penworthy STEAM to Go! Math Games and Trivia Kit

This Math focused STEAM kit tells you 101 incredible things every kid should know about math!

Penworthy STEAM to Go! Robotics and Coding Kit

This technology focused STEAM kit is full of fun facts about robots, computers, x-rays and other cool technology and inventions!

Penworthy STEAM to Go! Sounds, Music, and Band Kit

Play and create fun songs using the band equipment provided to encourage creative play and to help children experience the fun of making music.

Problem Solving STEM Kit: Rapunzel

Kids use STEM skills to help Rapunzel! Perfect for building problem-solving skills, the kit includes a story card that presents a dilemma for kids to solve. Children have to plan, create and test solutions to help a prince scale a tower to rescue Rapunzel.

Problem Solving STEM Kit: Little Red Riding Hood

Kids use STEM skills to help Little Red Riding Hood! Children have to plan, create and test basket designs to hold Little Red Riding Hood’s apples! Recommended for ages 3-6

Problem Solving STEM Kit: Three Little Pigs

Kids engineer a happy fairy tale ending—as they design a house that can’t be blown down! Our kit helps children discover the STEM in one of their favorite fairy tales—and naturally inspires them to explore a challenging situation until they find a solution! Recommended for ages 3-6


Create your own video game by designing characters and levels. Includes a board and small blocks to bring your game to life!

Explore Bugs Kit

Explore bugs and their structures studying the kit’s insects and project booklet and the acrylic encased insects provided. A butterfly net and bug catcher are provided! Recommended for ages 6+

Explore the Outdoors Kit

Explore the world with the kit’s Nikon binoculars, projects booklet, and night sky and nature activity books.  Recommended for ages 8+

LittleBits Premium Kit

Learn the basics of electronics through 10 provided experiments, covering a wide array of topics including light, sound, wiring, and programming. Recommended for ages 8+

Microbiology Kit

Use the provided microscope to explore and study a wide array of slides including plants, insects, and animal tissue while learning the principles of biology! Recommended for ages 10+

Snap Circuits 3D Illumination Electronics Discovery Kit

Build 3D circuits vertically, horizontally, and upside down while learning the basics of electronics through fun dimensions with over 150 engaging projects! Recommended for ages 8+

Snap Circuits Alternative Energy Kit

Learn about green energy through building circuits to power a windmill clock, solar radio, and more with over 125 projects! Recommended for ages 8+

Snap Circuits Arcade Electronics Discovery Kit

Play over 20 interactive games through creating and assembling electronic circuits! Recommended for ages 8+

Snap Circuits Electronic Playground Kit

Build an AM broadcast station, timer, strobe light, and explore over 130 projects while learning the basics of electricity, electronics, and physics! Recommended for ages 10+

Snap Circuits Light Electronics Discovery Kit

Create circuits and watch your iPhone or iPod react to them through a strobe light, glow-in-the-dark fan, and much more with over 175 projects! Recommended for ages 8+

Realbug Specimen Kit

View preserved specimens of spiders, moths, butterflies, frogs, honeybees, and sea creatures up close.

See how to use a Fairy Tale Problem Solving STEM Kit to learn STEM skills while having fun!

The Library offers STEAM Kits for checkout. The Kits focus on scientific topics such as robotics, electronics, microbiology, and astronomy. Each kit consists of instructions, resources, and tools to help you conduct experiments at home. Learn about alternative energy, circuitry, how to use a microscope and slides, identify insects, or go bird watching or stargazing using a pair of binoculars.

Borrowing Info

  • STEAM Kits are shelved in Kids Crossing.
  • STEAM Kits may be checked out by library cardholders in good standing who are age 18 or older.
  • Pickup and return location must be the Franklin Park Public Library.
  • Up to two kits may be checked out at a time.
  • Kits may be placed on hold only by Franklin Park cardholders.
  • The kits are loaned for 2 weeks, and can be renewed.

The kits are brought to the Library through a generous grant from IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) – Chicago Section.

STEAM Kits were built in collaboration with Triton College’s Engineering Department.


Visit or call the Kids Crossing Desk at 847-455-6016 ext. 260, or email