Meeting Rooms

Due to precautions for COVID-19, meeting room bookings are suspended from 3/13/2020 onward until further notice.

If you’d like to reserve a meeting room, please print and fill out the  Application for Use of Meeting Room. You may fax it to 847-455-6299 or scan & email it to

Use of the meeting rooms in the library for non-library sponsored programs will be governed by the following restrictions:

1. Capacity

  • The small meeting room may be used by groups of two (2) to four (4) individuals.
  • The large meeting room may be used by groups, with a maximum capacity of 50 individuals.

2. Hours and Fees

  • The use of all meeting rooms will be limited to the regular open hours of the library. This includes set up for meetings and events.
  • A Kitchen Fee of $10.00 is required for any food brought into the meeting rooms. Refunds will only be available if a program is cancelled.  A request to waive the Kitchen Fee may be made to the Library Executive Director.

3. The following individuals and groups are eligible to use the meeting rooms:

  • Residents of the Library District.
  • Non-profit organizations, groups, or agencies that serve the residents, businesses, and/or industries of the Library District.
  • The Library District reserves the right to deny use of meeting rooms to any person, persons, or group which had previously been irresponsible and/or violated policy regulations when using meeting rooms. Such denial of use is made by the Library Executive Director or the Board of Trustees.

4. Exclusions for type of use of the meeting rooms include but are not limited to:

  • Meetings not open to the public.
  • Private social functions.
  • Ticketed events, events with entry fees.
  • Fund-raising events.
  • Partisan political events or electioneering.
  • Sales or promotion of items and/or services.
  • Events with live animals.
  • Exceptions may be made for service animal organizations.
  • Gambling events, including lotteries and raffles.
  • Events with weapons displayed or demonstrated.
  • Events with programs and/or audience participation of high-risk injury, such as martial arts, acrobatics, gymnastics.
  • Events with programs and/or audience participation in which toxic, flammable, noxious, or corrosive chemicals are used, including paints, glues, and solvents.

A request to waive or make exception to any of the foregoing restrictions and/or exclusions may be made to the Library Executive Director. Such requests must be submitted in writing no less than two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled room use. The Executive Director may waive or amend an exclusion(s).

5. Frequency of use

  • The reservation of meeting rooms is done on a first come, first served basis.

6. Scheduling procedures

  • Requests for using the meeting room may be made in person, by telephone, or email.
  • To apply for a reservation, a person authorized to represent the group must contact the Adult Services Librarian responsible for programming at least one week prior to the event and fill out and sign an Application for Use of Meeting Room. The group or person wishing to reserve the room must assume responsibility for damage to the library property and other liability incurred by program or audience participants.
  • The Adult Services Librarian responsible for programming will contact the person authorized to represent the group to confirm reservation of the requested meeting room. Filling out an Application for Use of Meeting Room does not guarantee a reservation.
  • Exceptions may be made for Adult Literacy Tutoring. If the small meeting room is available, the Application for Use of Meeting Room can be filled out the day of use.
  • Requests for reservations may not be made more than three (3) months in advance excepting by prior approval of the Library Executive Director.
  • Reservations may not be transferred to another person(s) or group.

7. Other regulations governing use of meeting rooms:

  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed.
  • Smoking is not allowed.
  • Food preparation is not allowed.
  • Light refreshments such as coffee/tea and pastries are allowed.
  • Noise must be held to a level that will not disturb library users and/or staff.
  • Nails, pins, tape (masking, transparent, adhesive, etc.), tacks or any other items that could cause damage or be attached to surfaces or equipment are not allowed.
  • Equipment or other items should not be left in a meeting room, unless prior permission is obtained from the Library Executive Director; the Library District will not be responsible for theft or any item left in a meeting room, even with proper permission.
  • Spills should be wiped up and all trash put in a proper receptacle; rooms should be tidied up as much as possible upon the end of use.
  • Library equipment and furnishings may not be used for procedures that could damage them.
  • All electrical equipment must be Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved.
  • No equipment, procedure, or activity may produce smoke and/or heat.
  • The emergency door of the large meeting room must be kept closed and locked – it is not an exit or entrance except in the case of an emergency, nor may it be used for ventilation.

8. Parking

  • Due to the limited number of parking spaces for library users and staff, groups of twenty (20) or more are asked to park in the Jewel parking lot opposite the library.


Visit or call the Info Desk at 847-455-6016 ext. 229, or email