Franklin Park Library accepts donations, and all donations become property of the Library. Items will be added to our collection only if they are needed and only if they meet the same selection criteria applied to regular purchases.  Donations may also be used for the Friends of the Library’s quarterly book sales or sent to Better World Books.

The Library accepts:

  • Hardcover and paperback books in good condition
  • DVDs in their cases
  • Audiobooks on CD in their cases or packaging
  • CDs in their cases

The Library does not accept:

  • Any materials that are musty-smelling, dusty, dirty, water -damaged, highlighted, stained, or in poor condition
  • Encyclopedias
  • Magazines
  • Textbooks older than 3 years
  • VHS tapes, cassettes or record albums
  • Computers, printers, or software
  • Discarded materials from other libraries

Dropping off your donations:

Drop off donations at the Information Desk  during library hours.

A receipt will be given at the time of donation if requested. This receipt will list only the number and type of items donated. The Library does not assign monetary value to donated items.

What about items that the Library does not accept?

We suggest that you donate any items in good condition to a thrift store.  If your items are musty, dirty, or in poor condition, it’s best to recycle them or throw them away.  The Village of Franklin Park offers a recycling collection program that accepts paperback books (no hardcovers) and magazines along with an E-Recycling program for electronic waste.

Monetary Gifts

The Franklin Park Public Library District accepts monetary gifts. If the purpose of the gift is unspecified, the Library will apply it where it deems it most needed. If the Library receives a monetary donation for the purchase of materials as a memorial or for other purpose, the general nature or subject area of the materials to be purchased will be based upon the wishes of the donor. Donors may select specific titles, subject to approval by the Executive Director. The selected title must meet the same selection criteria applied to regular purchases.


Visit or call the Info Desk at 847-455-6016 ext. 229, or email