Local History Collection of Artifacts

This cloth was created by women of the Deutsche Evangelische St. Paul’s Gemeinde von Mannheim (St. Paul’s German Evangelical Church of Mannheim). Property for a church building was donated by Henry Kirchhoff, and, by October 1903, a frame construction was standing a the corner of Franklin Ave. and Mannheim Rd. in Franklin Park. You’ll notice the names of women of the church embroidered on the cloth. There is also a panel with the year 1900 on it. (We assume this is the year the cloth was assembled.) Given to the library by Jean Dawson. This cloth includes squares sewn by Ada Dodge(the wife of Franklin Park’s first doctor), Emma Tiedmann, Mrs. G. Boesenberg (also see a picture of the Boesenberg Store), and Libbie Kirchhoff.

These two items were found in the basement of the building at 9712 Franklin Ave. They were from an early Post Office in Franklin Park. Both of these along with the Postal Window were donated to the library by Dan Pritchett (owner of the building they were found in).