Franklin Family

Lesser Franklin

Lesser Franklin was born in Germany, but no complete record of his early life there or in the United States is available. He arrived at New York in a small sailboat from Germany with a group of other adventurous youngsters like himself, and was faced with the task of supporting himself and learning a new language.

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Edgington Franklin

Born in 1878, Edgington Franklin was one of four children, and the eldest son, born to Lesser and Sarah Franklin. Edgington’s sister Dora was born in 1876, sister Pearl was born in 1880, sister Rose was born in 1883 and brother Gustave was born in 1884.

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Gustave King Franklin

Gustave King Franklin, the second son of Lesser and Sarah Franklin, was born in 1884 — the only Franklin child that was born in Minneapolis, MN. The rest of the Franklin children were born in Beford, IA.

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Pearl (Franklin) Clark

Pearl (Franklin) Clark was the third of five children born to Lesser and Sarah Franklin. She was born in Bedford, Iowa, in 1880, and her sister Dora was born in 1876, brother Edgington in 1878, sister Rose in 1883, and brother Gustave in 1884.

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History of the Franklin House

The Franklin House was torn down in 1960 to make room for future improvements. Vacant at the time, the house had stood for more than 60 years – watching the booms and busts of several eras.

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Franklin Family Artifacts

Come to the library to see our other Franklin Family displays. Our display case features items purchased by G.K. Franklin (in the hopes of someday establishing a library/museum in Franklin Park), as well as a display of “linens and things” donated by Rosemary Howland, niece of the Franklin Family.

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