Transparent Language Online

Transparent Language Online

Whether you’re starting at the very beginning with a new alphabet or you’re an intermediate learner looking to enhance your vocabulary and grammar knowledge, Transparent Language Online can help. Over 100 language courses are available plus English as a Second Language (ESL) materials for native speakers of 26+ languages.


  • Unlimited access to more than 100 online language courses, packed with pronunciation, speech, grammar, writing and vocabulary-building lessons.
  • Alphabet Courses: Full-length alphabet courses are available for 18+ languages to familiarize you with new writing systems, empowering you to learn one (or more!) of those “intimidating” languages like Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, or Arabic.
  • Essentials Courses: These courses guide you through 30+ lessons of pure language fundamentals, including meeting and greeting, expressing wants and needs, planning for a trip, dealing with money, asking for help, and beyond.
  • Supplemental Vocabulary: Hundreds of topically-organized vocabulary lists will teach you thousands of new words and phrases through a completely redesigned suite of fun, interactive activities that build all four core language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. No more drilling paper flashcards!
  • Grammar Reference: An extensive index of grammar materials rounds out the learning experience, providing both written and multimedia explanations of grammar rules and patterns.

Short on time?

  • Word of the Day makes language-learning part of your daily routine
  • Transparent Language’s online social communities on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube foster seamless interactions
  • Language and culture blogs add variety and depth to your learning experience
  • Additional resources help you explore higher-level language and cultural elements
  • The Transparent Language app for iOS®, Android™, and Amazon devices enables language learning on the go!

Register for an Account

  1. Go to our Transparent Language Online site. If you are outside of the Library, fill your library card number and PIN (it’s changeme, if you’ve never changed it.)
  2. Once you are on the Transparent Language Online site, click on the Sign Up button.
  3. Create a user name and a password.  Fill in your email address.
  4. Then choose your native language from the drop-down menu, and then choose the language you want to learn.
  5. Click on the Register Your Account button, and begin using Transparent Language Online!


Visit or call the Info Desk at 847-455-6016 ext. 3, or email