Great Outdoors Month

Adult Non-Fiction

Trees : A Visual guide

Tony Rodd
Beautifully illustrated and designed, this gorgeous reference book explores the world of trees from every perspective–from the world’s great forests to the lifespan of a single leaf. Arresting color photographs of a wide variety of trees and close-ups of many of their remarkable features provide an enormous amount of information in a highly accessible format. The volume illustrates how trees grow and function, looks at their astounding diversity and adaptations, documents the key role they play in ecosystems, and explores the multitude of uses to which we put trees–from timber and pharmaceuticals to shade and shelter. A highly absorbing read cover to cover or dipped into at random, Trees: A Visual Guide delves into many specific topics: the details of flowers, bark, and roots; profiles of favorite trees; how animals and insects interact with trees; trees in urban landscapes; the role trees play in our changing climate; deforestation and reforestation; and much more. With clear diagrams, illustrations, and intriguing sidebars on many featured topics, this unique volume is a complete visual guide to the magnificence of the arboreal world.
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Oxford companion to the earth

Paul L. Hancock
How old is the Earth? Is it really likely to be hit by a meteorite? What can Antarctic ice cores and Milankovitch cycles tell us about global warming? What is a Milankovitch cycle anyway? Where would you find black smokers? Are they ever likely to be useful? What causes tornadoes? Should you worry if you live near a transform plate boundary? What is the difference between a tidal wave and a tsunami? Does it matter? Can rocks affect your health? Answers to these and many similar questions will be found in the Oxford Companion to the Earth. The aim of the Companion is to provide concise and readable accounts of the main phenomena and processes relating to the Earth. Like the other Oxford Companions, it is aimed at a wide readership, and will appeal both to professional Earth scientists seeking an accessible digest of topics outside their own areas of specialization, as well as tot he general reader wishing an approachable reference to our planet and the environment. For all these readers, and many more, the Companion will not only provide a valuable source of reference but also fascinating and informative browsing.
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Illustrated guide to nature: from your back door to the great outdoors : wildflowers, trees & shrubs, rocks & minerals, weather, night sky

National Geographic and Catherine Herbert Howell
Bursting with beautiful images and completely authoritative text, this comprehensive nature field guide will help families, amateur adventurers, and empty nesters enjoy and understand nature–from wilderness camping to their own backyard.This nature guide introduces you to constellations and weather, rocks and minerals, plants and wildflowers, and trees and shrubs. All of the most common varieties in each natural category in North are identified and explained, from quartz and granite to dandelions and oak trees. Learn to read the clouds–and understand why one shape predicts rain and another sunshine. Point out constellations in the night sky and recognize planets visible to the naked eye. Each chapter identifies 160 species or phenomena by giving key information for each plus a readable paragraph accompanied by photos and original art that help you sharpen your eyes and knowledge. Five field guides in one, representing a total of 800 of North America’s most common wildflowers, trees, rocks and minerals, constellations, and weather patterns. Generously illustrated and logically organized with pointers, pictures, and identification tips, this is the ultimate field guide, an essential family reference and an excellent starting point for anyone eager to learn more about the natural world.
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Reader’s Digest North American wildlife : an illustrated guide to 2,000 plants and animals

Susan J. wernert

North American Wildlife is a valuable reference guide to the most common and conspicuous wild plants and animals in North America.
Birds and butterflies, ferns and frogs, mushrooms and mantra rays, seashells and salamanders—this 576 page book includes more than 2,000 plants and animals of all types. Spanning the land from Florida to the Northwest Territories, it embraces field forest, pond, and prairie—all the natural communities that make our North American flora and fauna so splendidly diverse.

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Gifts from the garden : 100 gorgeous homegrown presents

Debora Robertson
Brimming with ideas from the pretty to the practical, Gifts from the Garden contains more than 100 projects that use the gardener’s bounty throughout the seasons. Divided into Flowers & Herbs, and Fruit, Vegetables & Nuts, Debora includes gifts that are edible, for your home and for your wellbeing. There are potted bulbs in teacups and decorated personal seed packets; a lavender, rose and chamomile bubble bath; flower and fruit lip balms; a tisane planter and a pizza herb window box; as well as festive wreaths and ideas for using flowers and foliage when wrapping presents. And of course delicious ideas like toffee apples, herbal teas, spice rubs, chile jams, zucchini muffins and quince vodka to name a few! So whether you want to give something practical for the home, indulgent to enjoy at bathtime, or to complement a delicious dinner, there is a present for everyone.
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Do-It-Yourself Garden Projects and Crafts: 60 Planters, Bird Houses, Lotion Bars, Garlands, and More

Debbie Wolfe
“Create your dream garden with simple bird baths, herb drying racks, and unique planters. And bring the outdoors indoors with natural fabric dyes, pressed flower paper, and herbal bouquets. DIY Garden Projects and Crafts book relies on home grown and foraged materials that will inspire creativity and capture the bounty of the seasons. The sixty practical and decorative projects for use in the garden and home include: Gardener’s tool apron, Metal garden charms, Veggie market tote, Macrame produce bag, Gourd bird feeder, Kirigami leather hanging planter, Tomato cage plant stand, Shibori dyed fabric, Herbal lotion bars, Gardener hand scrub, All-purpose thyme cleaner, and more! Do-It-Yourself Garden Projects and Crafts features detailed, step-by-step instructions as well as simple crafting and gardening tips that will make your projects successful.”–
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Forest Walking : Discovering the trees and woodlands of North America

Peter Wohlleben
“When you walk in the woods, do you use all five senses to explore your surroundings? For most of us, the answer is no–but when we do engage all our senses, a walk in the woods can go from pleasant to immersive and restorative. Forest Walking teaches you how to get the most out of your next adventure by becoming a forest detective, decoding nature’s signs and awakening to the ancient past and thrilling present of the ecosystem around you. What can you learn by following the spread of a root, by tasting the tip of a branch, by searching out that bitter almond smell? What creatures can be found in a stream if you turn over a rock–and what is the best way to cross a forest stream, anyway? How can you understand a forest’s history by the feel of the path underfoot, the scars on the trees along the trail, or the play of sunlight through the branches? How can we safely explore the forest at night? What activities can we use to engage children with the forest? Throughout Forest Walking, the authors share experiences and observations from visiting forests across North America: from the rainforests and redwoods of the west coast to the towering white pines of the east, and down to the cypress swamps of the south and up to the boreal forests of the north. With Forest Walking, German forester Peter Wohlleben teams up with his longtime editor, Jane Billinghurst, as the two write their first book together, and the result is nothing short of spectacular. Together, they will teach you how to listen to what the forest is saying, no matter where you live or which trees you plan to visit next.”–
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Planet Earth as you’ve never seen it before

Alastair Fothergill
This book, companion to the Discovery Channel/BBC series, is an enduring record of one of the most ambitious natural history projects ever undertaken. Using the latest aerial surveillance, state-of-the-art cameras, and high definition technology, the creators have assembled more than 400 photographs of landscapes from around the globe, including footage of rarely seen creatures. Many of the images reveal inaccessible places and record animal behavior that has never been filmed or photographed before. With the help of this advanced technology and the world’s premier wildlife photographers, the book takes us on a journey from the world’s greatest rivers and impressive gorges, to its mightiest mountains, hidden caves and caverns, and vast deserts. Includes sequences of predators and their prey, lush vistas of forests viewed from the tops of towering trees, the oceans and their mysterious creatures viewed from beneath the surface, and more.–From publisher description.
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The Encyclopedia of Earth : A Complete visual guide

Michael Allaby
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Weird Earth: Debunking strange ideas about our planet

Donald R. Prothero
“Applying his extensive scientific knowledge, Prothero corrects misinformation that con artists and quacks use to hoodwink others about geology–hollow earth, expanding earth, and bizarre earthquakes–and mystical and paranormal happenings–healing crystals, alien landings, and the gates of hell. By deconstructing wild claims such as prophesies of imminent natural disasters, Prothero provides a way for everyone to recognize dubious assertions. Prothero answers these claims with facts, offering historical and scientific context in a light-hearted manner that is accessible to everyone, no matter their background. With a careful layering of evidence in geology, archaeology, and biblical and historical records, Prothero’s Weird Earth examines each conspiracy and myth and leaves no question unanswered.”–Dust jacket flap.
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