Autorenewals and Fine Free


We are offering autorenewals by default for the majority of our items.

How automatic renewals work:

  • The majority of our items renew automatically up to 2 times.
  • Items on hold for others cannot be renewed.
  • Items belonging to “special” collections cannot be renewed.
  • Items will be automatically renewed 2 days before the original due date.
  • An item renews for its borrowing period. For instance, if an item has a 2 week borrowing period, then it will be renewed for an additional 2 weeks.
  • You will be notified by email when an autorenewal takes place.

Fine Free

Franklin Park Library is fine free as of fall 2021.

What does fine free mean?

Overdue fines are not be charged on most Franklin Park Library items.

Fines are still assessed for:

  • Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Roku Streaming Devices
  • VHS-to-Digital Converter
  • PlayStation VR Headset Kit

Fines on items from other libraries may be assessed on your account if that library is not fine free.

What are the benefits of going fine free?

Being fine free lifts the financial barriers to library use and increases access for the entire Franklin Park community.

Going fine free creates a positive experience without the additional financial worry fines can bring.  This may encourage you to use the library more frequently and check out more items, and library staff can focus on customer service rather than fines. Everyone benefits by going fine free.

What about due dates?

Items still have due dates, and you remain accountable for returning items. Most items renew automatically up to two times, as long as there are no holds on the item. View item loan periods here.

Signing up for email and text reminders to help you return items on time. Learn more here. When items are returned early or on time, your fellow patrons can borrow items sooner.

How will items be returned without overdue fines?

If items are overdue by 14 days or more, your library account will be blocked for both physical and digital checkouts. The block will be removed once items are returned or your bill is paid.

These procedures are in place to continue to motivate everyone to return items in a timely fashion.

What is the difference between fines and fees?

Fines are a daily amount charged for each day the item is overdue. These are the charges being dropped.

Fees are a replacement cost for items that are damaged or not returned. Fees are not waived if the item is over 60 days overdue.

What is the Library’s new procedure on overdue and unreturned materials?

  • If the items are not returned after 42 days, your account is billed a fee for those items.
  • If items are returned before they are 60 days overdue, the bills and the block on your account will be removed upon check in.
  • After 60 days overdue and counting, your account is in collection status and you must pay the replacement fee.

If you are having a difficult time paying fees, please contact

Can I still be charged fines if I check out an item from a Library that isn’t fine free?

Yes. If you check out an item at a library that is not fine free, you can still be charged a fine from that library. However, many area libraries have already made the decision to go fine free.

What happens if I return an item after I received a bill for it?

If you return the item, the charges will be removed. However, if the item is 60 days+ overdue, it is not eligible for a fee waiver and the replacement cost will be charged.

How do I pay a replacement fee?

Circulation Services accepts cash, credit cards, and personal checks to pay for fees.

Why does my library account show a balance from my old fines?

This could be a fee for an item that was lost or damaged. Please see, email, or call the Circulation Department at 847-455-6016, ext. 230.

Will Library materials be returned more slowly?

The lack of fines does not affect how quickly items are returned.  Return rates tend to stay the same as before, and patrons appreciate the extra time to return an item and not be charged.

Does this impact the Library’s finances?

Income generated by fines is less than 0.38% of the Library’s budget, and the Library does not rely on this income for regular operations.

Fines are meant to encourage the timely return of items as opposed to being a steady source of revenue.

Does fine free apply if I check out items at Franklin Park Library, but I have a card from another library?

Most items checked out at Franklin Park Library will be fine free for all patrons, however, you may have fees on your account from your home library. Please check with your home library for further information.


Visit or call the Circulation Desk at 847-455-6016, ext. 230 or email at