Public Comment at Board Meetings Policy

The Franklin Park Public Library District Board of Trustees welcomes comments from the public who attend Board meetings.  The Board provides a specific period on the agenda during meetings when citizens may comment.

Guidelines and procedures regarding public comment at Board meetings:

  1. All persons wishing to speak must sign up prior to the meeting. A sign-in roster will be provided.  The roster will determine the speaking order for people who wish to make public comment.  People wishing to address the Board will be asked to provide their name. Anyone refusing to identify himself or herself will be prohibited from speaking.
  2. Public comments are limited to 2 (two) minutes per speaker.
  3. A spokesperson representing several other parties or organization will also have two (2) minutes to make public comment.
  4. If the number of people wishing to speak is large, the President or President pro tem may rule that a separate meeting be scheduled on a particular issue and ask that those wishing to comment do so at that meeting.
  5. Public comments will be addressed to the Board, not to other members of the public.
  6. The public comment portion of the meeting will be the first order of business at all meetings.
  7. If at any time a speaker appearing before the Board exceeds the time limitations set forth in this policy or becomes abusive in language or behavior, the President or President pro tem may declare that person out of order and refuse him or her permission to continue to address the Board.
  8. A written summary of public comments will be recorded in the minutes of the Board meeting at which the comments occurred.

Adopted May 5, 2009 Rev. 6/1/2010, 11/10/2015 , 1/10/17