Photography and Recording on Library Premises Policy

The Franklin Park Public Library District is a public facility and a person’s presence may be recorded or become publicly known while on library property.

General Requirements

Persons taking photographs and/or videos shall not (1) compromise a patron or staff member’s right to privacy, (2) harass, intimidate, or threaten a patron or staff member; or (3) block library aisles, walkways, doors, or exits.

Library Programs

Photographing, filming, and audio recording of library programs is permitted provided that permission is granted in advance by the presenter or the owner of any copyrighted material.

Public Areas

Permission is not required for taking photographs or videos in public areas of the library building for personal, noncommercial use if no tripods, lights, or other specialized equipment are used. However, there may be library locations where the taking of photographs or videos is restricted or prohibited (i.e., restrooms).

Staff Areas

Taking photographs or videos of, or in, areas reserved for staff use only is prohibited.

Library Exterior and Grounds

Taking photographs and videos outside of the library building and/or of the library grounds does not require permission. However, the activity may not impede the ingress or egress of patrons or staff to or from the library building.

Commercial Photography and Video

The Library may permit use of its facilities for the taking of commercial photographs or videos if the project does not interfere with the mission of the Library and is in accordance with this policy.


Persons involved in taking photographs or videos are solely liable for any injuries to persons or property that result from their activities on library property. They also have sole responsibility for obtaining all necessary releases and permissions required by law from persons who can be identified in any photograph or video or for copyrighted materials. The Library undertakes no responsibility for obtaining these releases or permissions.

Photography and Video by Library Staff

Library staff may take photos, videos, and audio recordings at the Library and during library events for use in library promotional materials, and on the Library’s website and social media sites.

The Library reserves the right to document its services and the public’s use of the building and grounds. These photographs, videos, and audio recordings may be copied, displayed, televised, and published (including on any library website or social media site). Any individual that does not wish the Library to use a photograph or video of them or their child should inform a library staff member prior to or while such photographs or videos are being taken.


Adopted: 8/9/2022