Telephone Policy

Telephones at the Franklin Park Public Library are reserved for staff use for official business. Telephone lines need to be kept open at all times so that Library staff can be available to assist patrons and answer questions. Patrons of the Library may not use Library telephones except in the following circumstance:

  • If the health, safety, or security of a patron depends upon a telephone call, Library staff at the Circulation Desk, Information Desk, or Kids Crossing Desk will be allowed to make the call for the patron. Examples of this situation might be to report an incident to the police or for emergency transportation. Children under the age of 18 may call their parents for transportation. Local calls only are permitted in these circumstances. No calls which incur long distance charges will be made.

The Library has no public pay phone available.

Personal calls will not be made for patrons.

Calls requiring more than approximately 2 to 3 minutes cannot be made for the patron.