Have Used Books, DVDs, or CDs?

If you are spring cleaning at home, you may need a place to drop off small quantities of gently used books, DVDs, and CDs.

The Library’s bright green Better World Books bin is located on the southwest corner of the property, and ready for acceptable book and media donations.

Book donation dropoff box

Acceptable items include:

  • Hardcover and paperback books in good condition
  • CDs and audiobooks on CD in their cases or packaging
  • DVDs and video games in their cases

Unacceptable items include:

  • Any materials that are musty-smelling, dusty, dirty, water-damaged, highlighted, stained, or in poor condition
  • Encyclopedias and magazines
  • Textbooks older than 3 years
  • VHS tapes, cassettes, or vinyl records
  • Computers, printers, or software
  • Clothes, toys, and anything else

Due to high demand and limited space, the bin is known to fill up quickly.
If the bin is full, please notify the Library or text the number on the bin.

Please do not leave items outside the bin. These items are easily damaged by the elements and will be thrown away.

For more info, visit fppld.org/donations. Visit betterworldbooks.com for more info on Better World Books.


Visit or call the Info Desk at 847-455-6016 ext. 3, or email ask@fppld.org.