The Library offers STEAM Kits for checkout.  The Kits focus on scientific topics such as robotics, electronics, microbiology, and astronomy.  Each kit consists of instructions, resources, and tools to help you conduct experiments at home.  Learn about alternative energy, circuitry, how to use a microscope and slides, identify insects, or go bird watching or stargazing using a pair of binoculars.

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Borrowing Info

  • STEAM Kits are shelved in Kids Crossing.
  • STEAM Kits are for Franklin Park card holders of all ages.
  • Kits are holdable, and up to two kits may be checked out at a time.
  • The kits are loaned for 7 days, and cannot be renewed.

The kits are brought to the Library through a generous grant from IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ) – Chicago Section.  STEAM Kits were built in collaboration with Triton College’s Engineering Department.



Click on a STEAM Kit’s title to check availability.

Snap Circuits 3D Illumination Electronics Discovery Kit

Build 3D circuits vertically, horizontally, and upside down while learning the basics of electronics through fun dimensions with over 150 engaging projects! Recommended for ages 8+

Snap Circuits Arcade Electronics Discovery Kit

Play over 20 interactive games through creating and assembling electronic circuits! Recommended for ages 8+

Arduino Starter Kit

Create 15 cool projects, including a musical instrument and a digital hourglass, while learning the essentials of programming. Recommended for ages 10+

Electronics Blocks Kit

Build a flying saucer, a moving fan, a spaceship, and investigate 115 different projects while learning the basics of electronics. Recommended for ages 8+

Snap Circuits Electronic Playground Kit

Build an AM broadcast station, timer, strobe light, and explore over 130 projects while learning the basics of electricity, electronics, and physics! Recommended for ages 10+

Explore Bugs Kit

Explore bugs and their structures studying the kit’s insects and project booklet and the acrylic encased insects provided. A butterfly net and bug catcher are provided! Recommended for ages 6+

Explore the Outdoors Kit

Explore the world with the kit’s Nikon binoculars, projects booklet, and night sky and nature activity books.  Recommended for ages 8+

Snap Circuits Light Electronics Discovery Kit

Create circuits and watch your iPhone or iPod react to them through a strobe light, glow-in-the-dark fan, and much more with over 175 projects! Recommended for ages 8+

LittleBits Premium Kit

Learn the basics of electronics through 10 provided experiments, covering a wide array of topics including light, sound, wiring, and programming. Recommended for ages 8+

Makey Makey Kit

Create a keyboard out of everyday objects while focusing on the dynamics of programming and invention. Recommended for ages 8+

Microbiology Kit

Use the provided microscope to explore and study a wide array of slides including plants, insects, and animal tissue while learning the principles of biology! Recommended for ages 10+

Snap Circuits Alternative Energy Kit

Learn about green energy through building circuits to power a windmill clock, solar radio, and more with over 125 projects! Recommended for ages 8+

Snap Circuits Electronics Discovery Kit

Learn about electronics by creating a variety of circuits for doorbells, alarms, flashlights, a lie detector, and much more with over 300 projects! Recommended for ages 8+

Snap Circuits Jr. Electronics Discovery Kit

Build and learn the basics of working electronic circuits through models of a flashlight, photo sensor, and a siren and explore over 100 fun projects with snap-together parts! Recommended for ages 8+

Snap Rover Kit

Build a remote-controlled rover and learn about electronics, gear movement, and Morse code! Recommended for ages 8+

Snaptricity Electronics Discovery Kit

Learn about electricity and magnetic fields in your own home through over 70 snap circuit experiments! Recommended for ages 8+