Comments & Suggestions

Comments & Suggestions

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! We welcome your comments and suggestions and are always listening for ways we might improve our Library. You can submit your comments and suggestions online or in person.

Comments & Suggestions
new logo - website

new logo - website

Get a new service, switch contractors or just eliminate it because it is really bad.

We are sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with our wifi.  Our wifi network is becoming more saturated than ever before with more people using their phones, tablets and computers in and outside the library.

One trick you can try is to reconnect to our public wifi network, Franklin Park Library, when you sit down.  Sometimes your device may connect to the first wifi point upon entering the library, and you might not have a strong signal if you sit elsewhere.

The good news is that our wifi network is getting an upgrade during summer 2016.  We will upgrade from wireless n to wireless ac, the most current standard, and expand coverage in the library to fill in dead areas and strengthen wifi signals in popular areas.

We hope you’ll give our wifi network a try again.


How is it that we have people sleeping at the computers?

While sleeping is not allowed in the library, staff and security are unable to see every vantage point at once.  Occasionally, situations such as this do arise without our knowledge.  Please let us know if you see someone sleeping in the library, and we’ll ask them to wake up.

Love you guys!  Great job!  I’d love to use your Apple computer to do desktop publishing with programs like pages and numbers.  

Thank you, and we’re glad to hear you enjoy using the library!  We had to switch out the Apple computer to free up space, however, we are looking to loan out Apple laptops for in library use only so that you could use Apple computers and software while you’re here.

Give extra minutes for the computers.  Also, a good library.

We guarantee everyone an hour of time per person per day.  Our computers are set to offer unlimited time, and it will ask if you want another hour when there are 10 minutes or less left.  Staff at the Info Desk and the Kids Crossing Desk can add time for you, too.  In Kids Crossing, there are fewer computers, and that’s why we may ask you to give another person a turn before going on a computer again.

Bravo for the new library cards!  Well done!

Thanks – we’re glad you like our new library cards.  We offer a choice of colorful designs, and the graphics were designed by one of our multi-talented librarians, too.

The Library should have security do more things around the library.  Truthly, the friend of the library

Right now, we have a security company hired just to do security only.  Thanks for the suggestion.  We’ll pass it on.

How to get a library card?

This page will tell you everything you need to sign up for your very own Franklin Park Library card!  Please go to the Circulation Desk to apply.



The computer area is very sloppy looking!  No paper!  No pencils!

We do try to keep the computer area in order and supplied with paper and pencils.  This area does get a lot of use with people coming and going all day.  Near the end of the day, supplies can be low.  Please let us know at the Info Desk if your computer station is out of paper and pencils or needs cleaning.

The Search Our Catalog [feature] is USELESS.

We are sorry to hear that you’re having problems with our online catalog.  One trick is to search for a term or phrase such as “James Patterson.”  Then use the limitors on the top and the left to narrow down your search results.  For instance, choose “Author” under the top drop down menu near Franklin Park, and then on the left, choose “books” and “adult.”  Want extra search tips?  Ask at the Info Desk or the Kids Crossing Desk, and we can show you some tricks that make searching easier.


How about 5 free copies a day from the computer like other libraries allow?

Thanks for the suggestion.  We’ll consider it, but we might have to change our print vending system to a costlier model to allow for this option.