Comments & Suggestions

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! We welcome your comments and suggestions and are always listening for ways we might improve our Library. You can submit your comments and suggestions online or in person.

Comments & Suggestions

We love this library!!  Thank you for the use of your computer and the ability to make copies.

We are happy to hear that you enjoy using the Library and that its services met your need.  Please continue to keep us informed of how we can improve.

It smells like **** in the bathroom.

The Library’s bathrooms are cleaned everyday five days a week along with spot checks in the afternoon and a checkup on Friday in preparation for Saturday.  We also have air freshener strategically placed in the room.  Despite how hard we work to keep the bathrooms clean, they are public facilities with many people using them daily and at times they may smell unpleasant.

I love books.  More books!!

It’s good to know that you love books and reading.  Librarians are always adding more books to our collection so keep checking back for new titles.  If you’d like more books similar to your favorites, librarians can help you find new books.  Ask at the Kids Crossing Desk or the Info Desk.  Adults and teens can fill out our Book Match form to receive recommendations.  Join the Best Sellers Club to be automatically put on hold for your favorite authors.

The copy machine is the most problem[atic] to senior citizens [that] I have encountered at this library yet.  A magnifying glass should also be provided because it is impossible to see the messages, very hard to see for us seniors.  What a disservice.  Please answer me how seniors are able to figure out how to set copies and makes copies without making a copy before making several copies and wasting lots of money and time.  In a public place, this should not be allowed.

These are newer copy machines, and they are a little different than the five year old models previously at the library.  You can increase the size of the copier’s display.  If you need a magnifying glass, you can ask the Info Desk.  The Circulation Desk and the Info Desk both have staff that can help you with the photocopier and make sure you get just what you want copied correctly without losing money.  We hope you’ll give it a few more tries, and let us know if you require further assistance.

Liked when they had both fiction and nonfiction book clubs run by Karen and Michelle and scandalous book and movies as well.  

Thanks for letting us know, and we will keep this in mind as we plan future library programming.

Please get security or cameras in [the] parking lot.  I was approached by a man today and it scared me.

Thanks for the suggestion, and we’re sorry that you were frightened.  Please let staff know right away when something like this occurs so we can handle the situation or alert the police.  We want every visitor to feel safe and comfortable at the Library and on library property.

Noticed you just have people, residents, as Friends of the Library.  Why not also invite local companies to be Friends of the Library?  I noticed that at the Addison Public Library – they have companies also be Friends of the Library!

This is a great idea.  The Friends of the Library recently sent out a mailing to local businesses and invited them to be Friends of the Library.  Thanks for passing on this suggestion.  Are you a Friend of the Library?  The Friends are always looking for new members to support the Library.  Learn more about becoming a Friend.


Trash cans [are] needed outside!

A large trash can and a recycling bin for public use are located inside the Library’s lobby.

I was sorry to hear that Karen will not have the Book Club meeting on Mondays [anymore].  We sure enjoyed her and also Michelle when she had the Nonfiction Book Club.

We, too, were sad to take a break from our adult book clubs, which had been running since 2000.  We hope that this is not forever, and that we will be able to try offering a book club (or a new take on a book club) again in the future.

Please put Microsoft Programs in the Start menu.

We realize that on home computers, Microsoft software is listed both in the Start menu and the Desktop.  These are public computers and due to that factor, all our Microsoft software links are right on the Desktop only.  This means you don’t have to hunt for a program and can easily click on the program you need.